Little Star Book and Stuffie

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Looking for ways to help chlidren with emotional regulation lead us to writing "Little Star's Big Journey" and creating the compainion stuffie.

Little Star journeys across the Universe learning ways to regulate from all of the planets. They teach Little Star to breath in and out and count. In the end Little Star uses the new tools to help Pluto with all of it's BIG feelings.

If you'd like to read the book copy send a message and I can email it to you!



Little Star Book and Stuffie

This heartwarming story will captivate kids with the colorful images, and will encourage them to learn emotional regulation techniques in a fun and interactive way. 

The compainion Little Star Stuffie has patches 1-5 and has a sound box going over all of the steps "Breath in, breath out (5x), counting 1-5 and 5-1," and says "You are safe. You are loved".

There is an option for the person buying the stuffie to send the recording with their voice as a voice message to have on the sound box. A lot of children listen to it at night to relax to sleep. What's more relaxing than hearing a loved ones voice helping you to regulate and telling you that you are loved?


..the methods / strategies that you share are simple and well explained. I like the repetition. Children need repetition over and over… I love the colors, the theme and the reassurance that they are loved even when experiencing big emotions.

-Limary Lorenzo PhD
Mental Health Professional

It's absolutely awesome. It's adorable, purposeful, and helpful.

Sandy Hamrick

I love this! It's a beautiful story and perfectly approachable for littles. I love how the planets educate the star on normal human emotions without making them sound bad. That's so important that kids (and people) feel safe to feel. It makes identifying and working through emotions so much more attainable when guilt and shame are not involved.

-Amanda Martin - Mom of 2 (ages 5 and 2)




 Little Star Book Cover




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