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RELAX STAR (Trademark Pending)

We take mental health seriously and want to do what we can to help others navigate their journey. This "relax" star design  is a reminder to breathe, count, and regulate.

Start by inhaling at each point of the star and exhaling tracing to the next point. The aim is to exhale twice as long as you inhale to calm the sympathetic nervous system (fight, flight, or freeze.)

The next step is to count the numbers 1-5 and then backward 5-1.Counting can be a great way to distract the mind from anxious thoughtsCounting can help the brain go from the emotional to logical state.

Use the opposite hand of where the star is placed (if the star is on the right side use the left hand to trace or point to the numbers). Crossing the midline of the body helps to strengthen both sides of the brain working together. A bilateral integrative connection can help to verbally (left brain) express your feelings (right brain) and regulate.


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The star is being implemented in 3rd and 4th grade classes before testing

4th Grade

"-Viewing video prior to test was super helpful!! -Everyone followed along and did the steps at least once thanks to the video! -Great way to calmly start a test with everyone focused -Throughout the test, 5/18 in the first class and 9/18 in the 2nd utilized the star during testing, without prompting!"

"It seems like it especially helps our students with exceptionalities! Whether it be anxiety, ADHD, or ADD it seems to help many of them!!"

3rd Grade

"We tried out the stars today in my class. Many of the students said they felt relaxed after trying the star breathing exercise. One student said she felt nervous before using the star and calm after. My students put their stickers in a place where they can use them again, so I'll let you know what other feedback I receive."

"Yesterday, some of the students had a rough time getting to school on the bus. It was a substitute bus driver, and she got lost getting to the school. A few students showed up very stressed and distraught to school because they'd been worried about being late and being safe on the bus. I suggested they use their star to help them reset and feel ready for the day. Two students followed my suggestion, and appeared much more ready to learn after doing the star breathing."
"I would say it has value, especially for students who need a visual tool or a physical action to help them return to what we call at school "the green zone of regulation."

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