Our Story

Isn't it interesting the paths life takes you on?

Hi, my name is Alissa and I'm the owner and artist of Lilah & Rex. I digitally hand draw every single design on this site. I didn't grow up dreaming of being an artist designing kids apparel, in fact I didn't even realize that my passion for art would be anything more than a hobby. 

My journey started as an actress. I even moved to LA from Utah after college to pursue a career in acting. Fast forward 9 years and I met my husband. When we decided to get married and have kids we wanted to move somewhere closer to family and landed on Florida's Treasure Coast.

After having our two beautiful children (I'm sure you can guess they are named Lilah and Rex) I found myself entirely drawn to art in my free time. Art was my stress relief it was calming for me. I realized that my art could help others to calm as well.

Life can certainly have its challenges and our Clothes that Calm line is desinged to help. We've implemented the "relax" star. This star has the numbers 1-5 as a reminder to breathe and count. Relaxing the body and putting the brain into a more logical state instead of emotional. 

Having a visual reminder on you at all times can be super helpful. Our women's line even has motivational phrases, such as "I am safe" and "Be here now" discretely placed to help us adults find calm.

Here is to hopig that my zen can help bring you and your kids a little zen.

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