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Lilah & Rex

Relax Star Stickers Bulk

Relax Star Stickers Bulk

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A pack of 50 relax star stickers for $9.99 or 100 relax star stickers for $18.99. 

1. Start by inhaling at each point of the star and exhale tracing to the next point. The aim is to exhale twice as long as they inhale to calm the sympathetic nervous system (fight, flight, or freeze.)

2. The next step is to count the numbers 1-5 and then backward 5-1. Counting can distract from anxious thoughts and it can help the brain go from the emotional to logical state.

3. Use the opposite hand of where the star is placed (if the star is on the right side use the left hand to trace or point to the numbers). Crossing the midline of the body helps to strengthen both sides of the brain working together. A bilateral integrative connection can help to verbally (left brain) express your feelings (right brain) and regulate.

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